About Us

The Best Bang for Your Buck

We want to give you the best deal, but we're not about to compromise on quality. We've vetted manufacturers and spent plenty of hours on the course testing balls (the toughest part of the job) in order to create a ball that provides optimum performance at the optimum price. Aris Golf balls are made with high-quality urethane and surlyn outer layers.

This means we're offering the highest quality materials and craftsmanship for less than half the cost of the other guys, all by cutting out the middle-man, being smart with our logistics, and putting you, the customer, first instead of slapping on an extra markup so we can get pro golfers to wear our hats.


Never Show Up to the Golf Course Empty-Handed Again

Our subscription model is just another way we're looking out for you. Unless you have a full-time caddy taking care of your clubs and balls, chances are you're like us, and you've shown up to the course empty-handed one too many times. You dig around in your golf bag only to find that there are no balls left in that sleeve at the bottom of your bag. Instead of getting price-gouged by the clubhouse, set the frequency of your Aris Golf delivery based on how often you golf. Whether that's a new dozen a month or a dozen every six months, our unique subscription model works great for all golfers!

Any questions or comments, please email us at contact@arisgolf.com

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